Embroidery Threads Ribbons

Colour Streams has created a range of hand dyed silk embroidery threads, silk embroidery ribbons & specialty yarns. Having 5 thicknesses in embroidery threads & 3 widths in embroidery ribbon gives opportunity to achieve incredible texture and perspective to your hand embroidery designs. Watch the colour play in your hand stitching and varied embroidery stitches with our over-dyed or space dyed embroidery supplies. Our variety of hand dyed yarns are fabulous for couching, knotting, stuffing and whatever your imagination gives flight to. Adding to this is a colourful array of gold work sadi threads to put sparks of light in your work. All these products are available in 50 bold & beautiful variegated colours. All products are dyed with fibre reactive dyes, set and washed several times. Slight bleeding may occur with the very strong shades. It is recommended dry cleaning for optimum care of your silk products. As the silks are hand painted with dye there will be some variation of colour from batch to batch.

Note: For Australian customers, these prices do not include GST.

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